Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Failure to Pie...

Good evening everyone,
I just spoke to Grammy Gertie a few hours ago, and she extends a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I called her tonight because my new office (of my new job, of my new career!) held a Thanksgiving potluck today. There were some untraditional dishes -- guacamole, greek salad, Elmo cupcakes, etc. I chose to bring the pie.
Unfortunately, I'm not as flawless at this pie making thing as Grammy is....

Literally, I got up at 5 a.m. this morning, and proceeded to roll out dough and slice apples in the dark. It took forever. I more or less slept-cooked, not realizing until 7am that I'd forgotten to add some non-essential ingredients. No bother. These were going to be amazing pies.

By 8am, the pies had baked, but not cooled. It was time to leave for work, and I have a half hour commute on a crowded subway. Hmm... clearly I didn't work out the logistics ahead of time.
First, I tried walking with them in a bag to the T stop. They were too fragile even for that. I ended up hailing a cab -- an expensive, luxurious ride for my baked friends. I was determined that they make it to the office in one piece.

It was pointless. When I got there, the pies were all smashed up into a mush of crust and filling. I might as well have brought apple crisp. Pies make terrible commuters. Luckily my coworkers were nice about it.

The best thing though, was when I told Grammy about my pie troubles, she said, "Well, how many pies did you make?" It almost sounded a little competitive.
"Two," I said.
She quietly chuckled and said, "Well that's... okay."

On to the recipe! This never appeared on the Thanksgiving table to my memory, but it was in the recipe box. Double click the image to enlarge it.

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