Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pickled Cabbage Stuffed in Green Pepper

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Alas, there is no corned beef and cabbage recipe in Grammy's recipe box (nor did we expect there to be one). I've chosen this recipe for today because it's:
A) Very green.
B) Involves cabbage.
C) Sounds a little disgusting... which is similar to my memory of Irish cuisine (kidding, kidding... I lived there for 6 months and the curries and stews were terrific!)

Pickled Cabbage Stuffed in Green Pepper
-Cut cabbage and salt.
-Let it come to a boil in equal parts of sugar, water, and vinegar (1 cup of each).
-Boil until sugar is dissolved then add 6-8 drops of cinnamon oil.
-Put peppers in solution and keep good and warm (30 min).
-Put into canning jars, pour hot juice over, and seal.

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