Monday, February 28, 2011

My father and I visited Grammy Gertie over the weekend, and actually made one of the recipes!

The dish in question was Wilted Lettuce, a favorite of Grammy's. It's actually not as unhealthy as I originally thought -- it's more like a salad with bacon bits.

Grammy Gertie, of course, did not need the recipe card; she has it memorized. The prep time only took about 10 minutes. We all sat down to eat it and... was good.
I would actually make this at home for guests. The name seems a little misleading - it would be better to call this something like "salad with a tangy dressing."

Anyway, Grammy says hello to everyone. Here's a photo of her, chopping and sauteing away!
(That's my father's hand, by the way, in case you thought she had a mutant limb)

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