Tuesday, December 28, 2010

French Dressing... again

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Today's recipe is one of several French Dressing recipes. Hoping to discover why Grammy had more than one, I tried to look up the popularity time range of French Dressing. Alas, I didn't find what I was looking for...
...but thanks to Wikipedia, I did find this:


In the UK the most common recipes for “French Dressing” contain olive oil and white or red wine vinegar or lemon juice as a base and can often contain salt, sugar, pepper, mustard, and garlic. There is no set manufactured recipe and companies often make several different types of dressing to suit different tastes.

[edit]United States

In the United States “French dressing” is almost always a reddish orange color (never true red, never white). It is a homogenized, pureed, uniform viscous sauce with a tangy sweet flavor. Unlike a French vinaigrette, there are no bits of herbs or spices floating in it. It is generally made from vegetable oil, vinegar, ketchup (or tomato puree), water, paprika, other spices, and sweeteners, all thoroughly blended.


In Switzerland, French style salad dressing is not a “vinaigrette” but a white dressing with mayonnaise or cream,[3] which is often called “French dressing” when ready made and bottled.[4]

Grammy's got both English and Swiss heritage, so I hope she enjoyed that trivia bit. Onwards!

French Dressing

1 cup catsup (aka ketchup)
1 cup veg oil
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup vinegar
1 ts salt
1 TB worcestershire sauce
2 lemons' juice
3 or 4 garlic cloves, chopped

-Combine all of the above.

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