Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who are these people?

Yesterday, we paid a visit to Grammy Gertie out in Western MA. She's doing well and sends her regards.
Grammy Gertie, whenever she came across something delicious, would ask her friends for their recipes. I had asked about some reoccurring names that appear on the cards. Here are a few of those people:

In the immediate family, we have her children, Kit and James. James married Ellen (you see her name appear on some of the recipes).
More extended, we have Grandma Beal, Grammy's maternal grandmother (and my Great Great Grandmother). Grandma Beal taught Grammy how to make butter and weave on the rug loom. Grandma Beal also made coconut oatmeal cookies.

Edna Hall - was a librarian in Pittsfield, and her husband was an apprentice at GE at the same time as Grampy Chuck. Grammy met her in 1942.
Edna's Chicken recipe.
Edna's Seafood Casserole recipe.

Dorothy Politis - childhood and Smith College friend of Edna Hall. She taught school in Pittsfield and married a chiropractor named Alex.
Dot's Rhubarb Dump Cake recipe.

Dorcus Lamson - her husband worked at GE with Grampy Chuck.
Here is Dorcus's fruit and marshmallow salad recipe.

Jean O'Brien - her husband and Grampy were in rotary together. She and Grammy were foodies in the Berkshires together, visiting as many restaurants as they could. The O'Briens used to invite us grandkids over to swim in their pool.
Jean's Hot Chicken Salad recipe.
Jean's Punch recipe (contains alcohol).

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